Charging slimming belly and sides at home

Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

That spoils the figure of a woman? First of all, thick thighs and waist. Their imperfection immediately creates a negative impression of the entire figure. I think many girls are troubled by how to lose weight at home quickly and effectively, especially to remove this hateful belly and sides, which spoil the appearance. In today's article we will talk about this vital topic, namely about the most effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home for women, thanks to which you will soon be able to not be ashamed of his naked body. To achieve this goal you will need to do some simple exercises and exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home, but all in good time.

What to do to lose weight

There are many ways, methods and exercises how to get rid of this "burden" and change for the better. First you need to choose not only the number of exercises, providing exercise, but also to keep a daily food menu. In this article we will learn how to deal with the deposition of fat cells on the waist and hips, to breathe correctly to lose weight and gain a beautiful shape, the frequency of performing physical effort and healthy diet daily menu to figure overall was in good shape and is a beautiful and graceful line. So, it all about exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home for women.

Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home for women

Twisting exercises for weight loss belly and sides

Some ladies don't know what tools to use to the waist and hips were nice and elegant. Ways to get rid of this shortage are numerous, but how to choose those ways that can actually provide the necessary assistance and to achieve a positive result?

Some girls seek the services of a special coach / trainer, but not everyone has to visit the clubs health, time and money. Therefore, coaches and instructors, specialists in beautiful and healthy shape, developed a number of specific exercises for weight loss you can perform at home to tighten and strengthen the muscles of the body.

Exercises with application of physical effort, can strengthen muscles mid-torso and the "fifth" point, take the fat with the waist and hips. This, above all, exercises for strengthening and forming line press: the standard pose plank, different types of twisting, easy running, exercises that simulate bike riding, exercise, repetitive movement of the scissors, an active swing each leg and their simultaneous lifting with tension of all muscles of the body. Learn more about each of these exercises will be discussed below.

Unique special proper breathing include breathing exercises bodyflex. This special technique is able not only to balance the breath, and refresh the whole body blood flow, to fill the main respiratory system – lungs, fresh air ether oxygen, but really to lose weight.

Exercises using a variety of cargo with different weight mass also contribute to the strengthening of the abdominal muscles and hips and destroy fat in these parts of the body.

Important! No need to engage in a stuffy room! It deprives the body of strength and is threatened by dehydration. It is best to train in the early morning hours when the air is still cool and fresh.Later in the evening in the fresh air or with Windows open!

Charging slimming belly and sides at home

Positive physical action in the form of exercise often you need to perform in the supine position, resting on the floor. Here are the best ways to lose body fat with the shapes:

  1. Popular twisting is performed in the supine position, squeeze the shoulder blades to the floor, bent at the knees feet slightly touch it, actively and dramatically raise above the floor of a body of the torso, try to touch the elbow to the opposite knee. The left elbow touch the right patella, the right elbow sharply try to touch the left knee. The palms of the hands holding the back of his head. These physical actions can be executed many times;
  2. Bike — easily and quickly burn fat from the sides, takes away the "breeches" and "ears" in the hips. Will prelolitas back to the floor, keep your hands together in the neck, legs bent at the knees, in turn each do rotational motion, simulating Cycling;
  3. Scissors — are forced to work the press, all of his muscles, inner and outer thighs, help them strengthen and give a slender appearance. Physical action you need to perform lying on his stomach, their essence lies in the fact that at the same time lift the straight leg just above the floor and stab them into each other. This exercise gives a positive effect when done in the supine position;
  4. Popular strap — beneficial effect on the muscles of the body, makes them work and gives tone. "Bar" complete lying parallel to the floor, relying on the hand piece "elbow-wrist", your toes, suck in your stomach to tense up and keep your back straight so that the torso does not bend, parallel to the floor. Keep this position need how much is enough physical strength;
  5. A great way to strengthen your abs – simultaneous lifting of the legs above the floor at an angle of 30 degrees. Touch back to the floor, hands extend along quietly, body tense and pull up straight, and slowly raise the extended legs up to an angle of 30 degrees. Exercise provides strong tension direct and oblique abdominal muscles, promotes their strengthening;
  6. Familiar exercise – alternating swings each leg. Mahi do each leg to keep your balance hold hands for any available vertical support. Exercise gets the blood flowing throughout the body, makes flexible joints and "shakes" the entire muscle tissue;
  7. A great exercise mannequins – deep squat on an imaginary chair. Girl with skipping ropeYou need to sit down so low, like sit on a real chair. Exercise actively trains press the stomach, strengthens the buttocks, thigh inside and outside, strengthens the legs;
  8. A great way to make your waist look slimmer – the daily spin a hula-Hoop or Hoop. It is best to take a metal Hoop or a Hoop, weighted spikes and additional weights. Thus, muscle tissue waist is subjected to powerful mechanical stresses, which contributes to form a beautiful waist line. Hoop, if you want you can twist at the hips. That also gives a positive effect. With such a mechanical effect on muscle tissue fat cells, as it "crash" into each other and disappear forever;
  9. Running is the best way to make the figure slender and to remove all the excess. Running trains not only the body but also the cardiovascular system, actively accelerates blood throughout the body, trains the muscles of the legs, buttocks, body. Sates clean air the whole body that with proper breathing, helps to get rid of extra pounds;
  10. Jump rope – a great tool to shake all the body's cells and make it even slimmer. Just jump on your health, better for fresh air. Jump rope can be in one place, and can be in the process of running. All equally useful!

Breathing exercises for weight loss belly and sides

Effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides really help in solving the problem. There are several methods for strengthening the abdominal muscles and destroying layers of fat from the leg and waist.

Body Flex – breathing techniques, which contributes to the destruction of unnecessary fat cells in the body. Exercise to perform better on an empty stomach, where the emphasis is on breathing, rather than physical action. This technique involves inhaling air gradually, in stages, to hold the breath for a certain time, then a strong exhalation of air from the lungs. Exercise has the effect on the delay of air in the lungs for some time and his powerful exhalation. During these seconds, the fat and all the negative in the body is burned.

Bodyflex involves daily classes for fifteen or twenty minutes, which quickly leads to the desired result and permanently fixes it.

  • Before you begin to perform any physical action – you need to stretch all members of the body. Legs are evenly shoulder width and slightly bent in the knee joints, the body will lean a little forward, the palms should rest a little above the knees. Begin to breathe deeply, pushing out much air, so in the lungs there was not one drop of air, then force it through your nose and inhale again the air tighten all the muscles of the abdomen. Do exhale powerfully through the mouth, pulling the stomach inside, must hold your breath for a while. These actions it is better to repeat up to ten times;
  • Sit in a chair, one bent leg throw over the other. The right hand rests on the left knee and the left hand is behind his back. The full cycle of the exercises consists of several breaths, delay in light air, exhalations. Thus it is necessary to pull the knee of the left foot so that the body curled, giving tension to all the muscles: waist, abdomen and outer thighs. The Plank exercise for weight loss belly and sidesIn this position the fat in waist and hips are subjected to strenuous pressure and burn quickly, which contributes to the formation of beautiful lines of the figure. Do a few repetitions, then swap sides of the turn.

Respiratory system occisis different from bodyflex breathing and practice a sharp breath with the application of physical stress. In this system weight loss a major role in getting air play multiple short sharp breaths. Equipment of this system consists of one very deep breath to three short breaths, deep volumetric primary exhalation, and then up to three short exhalations. This breathing technique has a positive effect after a meal, to breathe this way at least thirty or forty times. This breathing technique gives an energetic impetus and vigor to the whole body that helps burn fat cells.

Exercises at the gym for weight loss in the waist and sides

Remove fat from the abdomen and sides, you can exercise on special equipment with the use of weights and additional weights.

  1. special rider rider really helps to strengthen all parts of the body. During employment it is necessary to do the strong emphasis feet, clinging at this time, arms crossed to his chest. The weight of the load placed under the feet can be adjusted;
  2. simulator cardioverter able to load all the muscles of the abdomen, sides, back. Movable pedal simulator equipped with necessary cargo and legs in motion resemble simple twisting;
  3. trainer for the formation of a pack abs is a bench, the load is located at the end of the bench, at his feet. Classes on the bench helps to work the whole body, to perform different twist in any direction and with the desired amplitude. Forms a narrow mill, results in tone the buttocks, thighs removes the effect of "breeches".

How to eat to exercise for weight loss was more effective

Exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home for women a limitless number. But the load on the body will give the desired result only if the correct rational feeding. Physical balanced load and healthy food – a perfect symbiosis that can have a positive effect and to secure it for a long time.

Proper nutrition is that in the daily menu should include all components, without which any body can not fully exist.

During exercise the necessary protein and carbohydrates. Animal protein is primarily meat, the best diet: rabbit, chicken, Turkey, quail, fish. Vegetable protein is also necessary for a full life – beans, nuts, grains.

Carbohydrates lighter and burn the body faster than proteins. They give you energy, strength, nutrition for the brain, in a good mood. In this case, a very good natural honey, chocolate, fruits, dairy products, sugar and flour in moderation, compotes and jam. To lose weight, carbohydrates are best taken in the morning a little.

Meals it is advisable to boil, simmer or cook using double boiler. Observe the correct diet, not to eat dinner too late. At night, to complete the work of the intestines, drink a glass of fresh kefir, you can add a spoon of bran. To secure a full sleep and rest, it is good to make green tea with a small amount of peppermint or lemon balm.

Slim and beautiful body is the result of regular effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home, proper breathing, adequate balanced diet and a desire to be beautiful and slender!

And as you watch your figure? Do exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home, doing breathing exercises, follow the diet? Or all let go?