How to lose weight: techniques, products and inspiring examples

A good man should be a lot — a good excuse for those who are trying but cannot lose weight. Someone does not have enough will power, someone of knowledge. This article will help both. Consider the physiology of weight loss methods and products contributing to this, and give motivating examples of real people.


Physiological barriers

You diet, do sports, you have a strong motivation, but the weight stubbornly frozen and not reduced. Why? There are at least four physiological causes:

  1. Poor oxygen delivery. If the cells do not receive enough oxygen, nothing in your body will not work correctly, including weight loss.
  2. Unbalanced blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance or hypoglycemia can be a cause of many health problems, including obesity.
  3. Problems with the allocation system and the breakdown of adrenaline. Cortisol — the stress hormone produced in the adrenal cortex. Chronically elevated cortisol raises blood sugar levels which then increases insulin levels. This is one of the possible reasons that prevent you to burn fat.
  4. Digestive disorders. Cleansing is one of the factors weight loss. If the gastrointestinal tract is unstable, it is difficult to adhere to dietary regimen.

The first step

To start the hard part. If we are talking about losing weight. "I have to count calories!", "I will never see my favorite liba!", "I will become irritable and unbearable!" — we are haunted with dozens of fears, which are actually nothing like laziness in specie in alarm. Don't let it get the best of him.

There are a few simple ways to lose weight, even if it is very scary. For example, it is not necessary to put the frightening goal — to lose 60 lbs. Break it into several small, and therefore not so disturbing task: to lose 2 kg per week.



The concept of a balloon. The simple truth: if you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight; if you consume less calories than you burn — you will lose it. Based on this method of weight loss where human body is compared to the metaphorical balloon.

Our body is an efficient mechanism for the processing of food, and quite possible to reduce the variety of foods to the required minimum, which is enough for energy.

How to do it, and how to calculate the minimum number of calories needed by the body to sustain life, you will learn of special articles.

Recipe Leo Babauta . A well-known blogger, a guru of minimalism and productivity Leo Babauta himself designed for an optimal diet. It is based on plant foods. Briefly, for Breakfast he usually eats oatmeal with dried fruit or seeds — hearty and healthy. Lunch vegetable salad and tofu. For dinner, Mexican or Indian meals from the beans.

In addition to these methods, there are at least 58 of tricks that contribute to weight loss. For example, do not eat at the TV. It is scientifically proven that this leads to overeating. Also during the period of active combat obesity should limit the intake of alcohol. Alcohol reduces self-control, including the control of feeding behavior. Take these and other mini-recommendations adopted as a Supplement to the main method of weight loss.



When losing weight, hunger is particularly acute. Always want something to eat. Don't hit yourself on the hand, just snack correctly. There are some suitable products:

  • apples;
  • nuts;
  • avocado and others.

Also eat foods with sufficient motor activity, promotes rapid weight loss. For example:

  • carrots (rich in fiber);
  • honey (normalizes blood sugar);
  • fish (little carbs but lots of protein) and others.


James Golik with the growth of 171 cm and weighed 127 kilos. He was plump since childhood and just didn't remember yourself of normal weight. He just got used to the excess weight. The impetus to lose weight was the inflammation of the lungs: James three weeks has lain in bed and lost 9 lbs. the Young man realized that even his body can normalize.

Nothing is impossible, we determine its scope. Everyone needs to find their way, even if not a very short and simple.

James tried various weight loss methods: reduced portions, reduced the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, switched to vegetarianism. The path was thorny that diets have worked and stopped working, enthusiasm gave way to despair and Vice versa. This went on for five years. James tried various diets and sports. But all this helped him to get rid of the 45 (!) kg.

Another hero with an inspiring story — Dylan Wilbanks. At 40 years old he weighed 137 kg and was on the verge of irreversible health disorders. The attending physician warned about the inevitability of diabetes. But Dylan is not resigned to fate fat-diabetic — he chose a different path.

After analyzing different techniques of losing weight, Dylan came to the conclusion that the principle is everywhere the same: consume less than habe, and you will lose weight. For himself, he chose the Weight Watchers system. After a few months to the diet and added exercise, because, like it or not, but reducing calories is not enough. Dylan became a regular at the gym.

All this, and persistent spiritual struggle led him to impressive results: minus 56 kg in 16 months! Here's how Wilbanks commented on his success:

before and after
The loss of 56 kg of weight has taught me that I can achieve anything, if only to fully give myself to this business and I will push myself from one small goal to the next. I've never felt better and happier, but it did not solve all my problems.

As you can see, to lose weight everyone can. The main thing — to find their way. We hope that our tips will help you develop the technique and power to choose the right products, and inspire action.