The advice of a nutritionist: how to start proper weight loss.

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What is weight and how to struggle with it knows, probably, every woman. Often, however, the effectiveness of the chosen methods is quite low. Even if the weight is reduced for that you have to pay a high enough price. This problems with digestion, fatigue and malaise, and in severe cases even a hormonal imbalance. As a result, as soon as you cease to adhere to the chosen system, the pounds come back, and even with the appendage. That is why we have decided today to discuss the advice of a nutritionist. How to start proper weight loss how to develop a rational power scheme that will take into account the characteristics of your lifestyle and provide the body with all necessary – this is the topic of this article.

The two pillars or pledge in good shape

Perhaps we don't open the big secret if we say that the basis of slender figure is proper diet and exercise. If you work out for yourself which system you will stick to permanently, you will forget for excess weight. We can from year to year to justify their completeness, lack of time and money to visit the gym, but there will be a little. Really effectively break up with kids the fullness is possible and in house conditions, it is enough to study the advice of a nutritionist. How to start proper weight loss, let's figure it out together.

Start with planning

Indeed, without a clear algorithm of actions is very difficult to go all the way, not turning from it and to achieve the desired result. First honestly answer the question, how many pounds and inches in the waist, you want to get rid of. This will be the starting point from which to build a sequence of actions. Moreover, you can plan roughly how much time it will take to achieve the result.

We should not forget about intermediate results, as these numbers will allow you to maintain the motivation to achieve success. And at this stage you really need the advice of a nutritionist. How to start proper weight loss? In the first place with the replacement of foods with lots of carbs and calories in your diet on vegetables and fruit, healthy sources of protein and fiber. Bottom line that needs continuous replacement, accustom the body to the new diet, not a hunger strike, which in itself is a big stress for the body. Gradually you will come to what will remove from the system power supply flour, fried, sweet and spicy. Believe me, your life will not become worse.

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Proper diet: how it should be

It was with this information usually begins to consult a person who suffers from excess weight, which needs the advice of a nutritionist. How to start proper weight loss? From the chart and a food diary. The sharp restriction of caloric intake causes the body metabolism slows down or starts to break down muscle mass in order to extract the necessary proteins. All this is extremely negative impact on your health. Therefore, doctors recommend to plan a meal, in which the total daily intake be divided into 4-5 portions. Between them you can drink water but not eat food to be completely digested and absorbed.

Carbohydrates are your enemies

This statement is not quite true, actually the body they really need is a source of energy. But until you lose weight, especially if the excess weight is large, you should not sources of fast carbs. All foods with a high glycemic index (they include only sources of carbs), that is, buns and biscuits, beer and dates, potatoes, donuts, rice and millet porridge, you will have to eliminate from the diet, since their use leads to rapid weight gain. Only when you bring a figure can sometimes eat foods from this list. This includes all fast-food chicken, fried in breadcrumbs, sweets.

Sport - Yes, pills - not!

This opinion is shared by all occupational therapists, for example, known in Moscow Ksenia Selezneva. The nutritionist knows about the performance of different means for weight loss. In most cases it's just a dummy that does not produce results, but are quite expensive. Even if the drug appetite suppressant and stimulates the weight loss, you will not be able to take it regularly. This means that immediately after a course the weight will start to increase and return to previous levels. And all because was not resolved the problem, you have not changed anything in his diet.

The only drug that can give a positive trend, it is "xenical". The drug blocks the absorption of about 30% fat in your diet. However, the flip side is that with the abundance of fatty foods in the diet you will become familiar with side effect, namely the uncontrolled waste of feces. This is a very disciplinary, and as a result the person begins to control your diet and during the diet wean is harmful products. Many nutritionists in Moscow recommended to take this drug in the initial phase, to facilitate and speed up the process of weight loss.

Physical activity

Of course, without exercise you will not be able to acquire a beautiful figure. However, don't despair, you don't have all day to spend time in the gym. To improve metabolism, it is enough to even light exercise. Doing morning exercises every day and a set of light exercise before dinner, you will not notice how you will become a lot thinner. And best of all for weight loss walking helps. You do not need a lot of effort, you just get back from work on foot. So you will warm up after a hard day and put in order your thoughts and create a stable basis for weight reduction.

be patient

Be patient

The best nutritionists do not tire of repeating that weight loss should not be rapid. The faster you lose weight, the faster you will gain it again. The result, after you find your power system will lead to the equilibrium consumption and calorie consumption, will slow decline in fat reserves. Even when a large excess weight, this figure should not exceed 0.5 kg per week. The closer you get to perfect size, the slower will be weight loss.

The most common mistakes

Nutritionists do not keep repeating the same postulates, but wanting to step on the usual rake is not reduced. Therefore, we once again gather together all the advice of nutritionists for weight loss. So, the first mistake of losing weight is the limit in food. Reduced portions and the composition of the diet. In the end, this leads to the fact that people are constantly hungry, the body in the stress, and think about food. Doctors advise to forget about the Express diet, you need to change your dietary habits to change your way of life.

The second myth about not eating after 6pm. In principle, true, but only for those who goes to bed at 22:00. If you are a night owl and placed well after midnight, the food break will be very large, and therefore, there is a chance to eat something harmful. Any professional dietician will confirm that there are bad at night, but if you come home from work late, it is recommended to make dinner as easy as possible. Meat replace it with fish, eliminate the cereal.

Pasta, bread and potatoes are considered to be the worst enemies of the figure. However, to do without these products sometimes seem complicated. This is not the greatest evil. If you eat fast food and sausage, add mayonnaise, then it does not matter whether you eat pasta. Nutritionists say that it is not necessary to avoid these foods. Just bring your reception in the first half of the day.

The most important blow for a weight loss is avoiding sweets. In fact, this harsh measure is not needed. Even on a diet in the first half of the day you can afford a spoonful of honey or 20 g marmalade (chocolate). Most importantly - enjoy the taste, savor long and carefully.

And most importantly - any advice on diet should give only a professional doctor. If this power supply system helped your friend or neighbor, not the fact that it will help you. If you want to change your lifestyle once and for all, become slim, do not experiment on yourself. It is much better to see a specialist. It will take into account your individual characteristics and design the system best suited for you.

Practical recommendations

You need to very carefully chew food. Count to 30 every time you put in your mouth a small piece of food. If you are going to a Banquet, eat two lightly boiled eggs. You will notice that it is much easier to stay in the boundaries. If you can't refuse the desserts, go for cottage cheese with berries and fruit.

Practice handling days: vegetables and cheese, every day, eat fresh vegetables. If you can't give up cheese, sausage and bread, cut them transparent slices. Very useful once a week to arrange a day of rice. It binds liquid and contains a lot of potassium. This allows good to cleanse the body.

An important role in the process of weight loss plays consumption of adequate amounts of vitamin D. This vitamin is directly involved in the processes of synthesis of protein (including muscle). These processes require no expenditure of energy, which the body has to break down existing fat stores. Therefore, in addition to diet and exercise need to take vitamin D, for example, in the form of chewable tablets Ultra-D. They contain 25 µg (1 000 IU) cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), due to the form of chewable tablets Ultra-D can be taken at any time, do not require zapivaniya water.

Take for yourself only the small plates. Be sure to drink water, not less than one and a half liters a day. As a reward for restraint can allow yourself some treats every day (couple of dates, candy). Once a week arrange fish day. If you feel hunger, you will help the dried fruit. Keep dried apples or prunes. Before eating you can eat a big Apple, it is well calms the nerves and fills the stomach. Eat often, but little by little, optimally 5 times a day. And discard salt.

the Council

The Council

Choose a real professional is not so simple. Today everything is just crazy about healthy lifestyle and slim body, and hence, the demand for doctors this trend is increasing day by day. Accordingly, there is a large number of incompetent professionals who are willing to openly screw with people's heads and pull the money. So be sure to check references before you ask for help.