Is it possible to lose weight by using plain water? Separate contrary to skeptical opinions – Yes! Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight depends on the amount, frequency and quality of fluid consumption.

Following the rules of the water diet, you can lose excess inches, and at the same time and improve your health — unless, of course, not to abuse water because 5 litres of water a day not just use do not add, but also wash your body of beneficial minerals.


  • How much to drink? The average amount of water a day – 1.5 to 2.5 litres. The daily rate is equal to 30-40 mg of water/1 kg of body weight. Although ideally this figure would best be able to determine personal nutritionist. Do not overdo the water! It is naive to think that 4-6 liters per day two times faster will make you slim fairy (alas, there are such cases). Take care of your liver, and whole body.
  • What kind of water to use? In the above-mentioned amount of liquid is only water. Juices, coffee/tea and other beverages separately. About coffee is generally a separate conversation – it dehydrates the body. Therefore, for each Cup of coffee add one glass of water. And sugary drinks try to exclude from the diet.With regard to the types of the water, for "diet" you can take the melt water, boiled, healing mineral without gas, but also water with additives (lemon, mint, cinnamon, honey, etc.). Cut down on carbonated drinks, including water. Soft drinks are simply bad, and in the sparkling water are salt, not conducive to the process of losing weight.
  • Water fasting – one of the main rules. As soon as you jumped out of bed and put on Slippers, immediately run to the bathroom to brush his teeth, and into the kitchen to drink some water. Do not rush to push yourself to toast, oatmeal or bacon and eggs. First water! On an empty stomach a glass of room temperature water, with a teaspoon of honey or adding a few drops of lemon juice. And only then start his business.
  • Adopt a good habit – drink a glass (Cup) of water for half an hour before meals. This way you will reduce appetite and soothe the stomach, on the benefits for the gastrointestinal tract and can not speak. But to wash down lunch/dinner, water should not be – do not break the digestive process. You can drink after 1-2 hours after a carbohydrate meal and 3-4 – after protein.
  • The water must be extremely pure – no impurities and odor. Watch for its quality.
  • SIP – do not overload the liver with the kidneys. It is an illusion that is quickly "sucked" bottle of water instantly quenches thirst. On the contrary, the slower you drink, the faster subsides thirst. The best option is to drink through a straw.
  • Your job involves long hours of watch at the computer? So every 15 minutes distracted for a few SIPS of water. So you can take control of their hunger, and do not confuse it with thirst.
  • Drink water only at room temperature. First, cold water is not absorbed in the digestive tract, but just "flies past". Second, it stimulates hunger. While warm water satisfies hunger, soothes the stomach and is generally beneficial to the digestive tract.
  • If meal far, but there is passion as you want, drink a glass of water – kid stomach. And, of course, give up fatty, starchy foods and sweets. It is pointless to wait for the result from water "diet", if after a glass of water to lash out at the cakes with cherries, bowls of salad and the pan roasted chicken.
  • Do not drink water from plastic – only glass, regularly and in small portions.

And wish for the road... Water diet – it's not really a diet at all, but just a few rules that will help to return to their normal weight. So do not tear your hair out, bite your lip and suffer from "heavy diet".

Take everything with a smile and the result will appear very soon. And to lose weight was a pleasant, engage in the aesthetics of process – buy beautiful glasses for water and create your own tradition. For example, in a chair to the sounds of nature from the radio, with fruit mask on her face.