Where to start weight loss beginner's guide to

slimming beginning

In the life of every man there comes a time when he clearly aims to lose weight or to adjust the shape. The main mistake is inconditus of action, which leads to lack of results and a rapid return to the old way of life. So, where to start losing weight that the process was easy and pleasant, and most importantly, brought results?

The preparatory process

Rather, it is the mental preparation, so to speak, a positive attitude to fight. So how to start losing weight – the key to success, to accomplish this responsibly.

Defining the purpose

This item is a start in the struggle for a beautiful body. People need to understand exactly what he wants and what he aspires to it. For example, the main goal is to lose weight below:

  • to be healthy and beautiful;
  • to wear modern and fashionable clothes;
  • feel confident;
  • to go up the corporate ladder;
  • to arrange a personal life.

Love yourself

Often people do not believe in yourself, think of yourself as ugly, infelix, and not such as all. Against this background, appear health problems and, accordingly, are compounded by problems with excess weight. So you need to learn to accept ourselves as we are, to find positive qualities.


Plan of action – here's where to start losing weight rather often. Get a diary, in which the phases shall describe their intentions: fitness room, beauty treatments (body wraps, or massages), current and desired weight, menu for the week. Adhering to your records, you clearly follow the dream and don't let breakdowns.

exercise for weight loss

The process of losing weight

In the process of losing weight should be a set of procedures: physical activity and beauty treatments, and a proper healthy diet.

Physical activity

Sport and physical activity have always been companions of slim and healthy people. You don't have to go to the gym, run 5 miles a day or sign up for a personal fitness trainer. Especially if you don't health condition allows. Just start with activities such as Hiking, aerobics for weight loss for beginners, stay in the fresh air.

Beauty treatments

During weight loss the skin becomes less elastic, so it is recommended to do anti-cellulite and fat burning wraps made of honey, clay and essential oils, massages (in the salon or at home by yourself), apply the scrub with ground coffee, take baths with oils. All this contributes to fat burning, lymphatic drainage and detoxification of the body.


How to start losing weight when it comes to nutrition? First, give preference to fractus meals (4-6 times a day in small portions). It does not allow the fat to be deposited on the sides and thighs, as the body converts it into energy. Prefer baked, steamed, cooked in a double boiler or a slow cooker products. Eliminate from your diet fatty, spicy, salty, smoked food, sweet and flour - especially in the beginning weight loss. Further, it is possible to consume these foods in limited quantities.

retention results

Retain the result

Often, achieving results, a return to the old way of life, thereby causing the accumulation of fat in the body and dooming themselves to return again and again to the question of where to start losing weight. Frequent loss and weight gain can cause disruptions in metabolic processes, and each subsequent weight loss will be harder. To weight kept at the right level, do not change your habits: eat right, lead an active lifestyle, get enough sleep and love yourself.