Running for weight loss: how to burn calories

Running is one of the most effective, useful and available pacemakers. Movement results in muscle tone, accelerates blood circulation, nourishes the cells and tissues with oxygen, stabilizes a hormonal background. During it, the body receives the optimal amount of load Cycling at the same metabolic processes. All the harmful and unnecessary substances collected in the blood vessels and excreted through sweat. As a result, lose those extra calories, and the proportions reduced, is weight loss. To experience all the beneficial properties of the run, sufficient to master the breathing technique, warm-up and update sports closet.

running for weight loss

Running for weight loss: the effectiveness of training

A regular jog or brisk walk to allow you to correct shape and lose weight. To play sports at any time of the year: outdoors, gym, at home on the treadmill. It is important to find the optimal pace, speed and class.

Running simultaneously affects all muscle groups and accelerates the breakdown of sugars accumulated in the body. When "the sweet fuels" is over, the body begins to use as a source of energy fat reserves.

IMPORTANT! Fat-burning process only starts after 40-50 minutes of monotonous Jogging. This is not to skip the workout, which lasts no less than 40 minutes.

During the destruction of subcutaneous reserves, the blood receives a large amount of oxygen. The metabolism is accelerated, blood circulation increases, and toxins are excreted with sweat. Exercise stabilizes the work of many internal organs (liver, intestines) and whole systems (cardiovascular, urinary).


When the directional weight loss the first positive results appear in problem areas: stomach, thighs, arms. The weight will go gradually and irreversibly. It is important to stick to a certain exercise schedule, balanced diet and water regime.

CAUTION! For a large initial weight begin to run only after consultation with a professional trainer. Otherwise, a long training and adherence to incorrect running technique can lead to injury, joint problems.

Tangible lightness is possible after 1-2 months of training. The average amount of weight loss is 2 to 5. It all depends on your starting weight, shape and nutrition during weight loss.

the result from running


To use running for weight loss is contraindicated in the following diseases:

  • heart disease;
  • poor circulation;
  • heart rhythm disorder (arrhythmia, tachycardia, etc.);
  • mitral stenosis;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • the common cold;
  • chronic diseases;
  • Smoking;
  • injuries of the spine and joints.

Also on cross-country lessons is to refrain people from harmful habits (Smoking, excessive alcohol use), pregnant and lactating mothers.

How to run

To run brought exclusively favor, you must follow many rules and regulations. The result is influenced by a number of factors: clothing and shoes, as a warm-up, correct execution of technique, breath. The key recommendations will help to avoid common mistakes and to lose weight quickly.

General guidelines

  1. Understand all the contraindications and verify that you are a representative of one of the diseases.
  2. In the presence of old injuries should be re-x-rayed and consult about the possibility to run with a specialist.
  3. This type of load is an auxiliary tool for weight loss, so is obtained from the training results should be supported by a full bed and Board.
  4. Before Jogging, you must carry the power load in the form of warm-up. For best effect, you can use dumbbells, jump rope and other sports equipment.
  5. You need to stick to one tactic and create your exercise program. Some choose the monotonous Jogging, others prefer interval method or brisk walking.
  6. Form for the races to be comfortable.
  7. For a large initial weight best to start weight loss walk alternating slow with fast.
  8. Finish your workout crispi. The complex includes relaxation exercises, hovering on the bar. This avoids protrusions, entrapment.
running for beginners

Running for beginners: training from scratch

Intrinsic motivation and enthusiasm — the key to successful weight loss. Not to be disappointed in sports, you need to be prepared for the fact that the first run will not give instant result. You need to train strongly, properly and regularly.

To keep in shape will allow the plan. When scheduling a cross-country exercise you need to consider your own physical fitness, health status and the initial weight. How much to run, using running for weight loss? The first race is introductory. Its duration should not exceed 20-30 minutes.

For the next 5-6 days temp is best to choose slow. The ideal in this case is the option of fast walk. Before the start of muscles need to warm up for ligaments to do a little stretching.

Also for beginners it is recommended to take breaks between classes. For example, every 3 day. Gradually the number of days of stay is reduced, and the length of runs is increased to 1 hour.


The body's need for oxygen during the constant running increases tenfold. This process should be fully coordinated with the body. Too frequent or infrequent breaths breaking the rhythm, prevent ventilation. This will help to cause dizziness, loss of coordination movements.

IMPORTANT! With proper breathing during the race and the lungs should be filled with oxygen by 25-40%. Rib cage this increases by about a third.

To control the process of breathing at long distances will help a simple technique: inhale and exhale every 3 steps. If oxygen is not enough, it is possible to reduce the number of steps to 2. A sprinting to maintain proper breathing impossible. The body compensates for this shortness of breath after stopping.

TIP! During exercise, nose breathing and mouth can be combined. This will accelerate the ingress of oxygen into the lungs. To protect themselves from the winter cold air will help the language. During a breath hold it as the pronunciation of the letter "l`".

Time: morning or evening?

Initially, exercise time should be chosen in accordance with your schedule and biorhythms. If it's more comfortable to run in the evening, you should not Wake up with the sunrise and Vice versa. However, many experts believe that for weight loss Jogging more effective. Upon returning home, the Breakfast is not exactly deposited at the waist and quickly digestible.

Evening run should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. Such training helps burn carbohydrates, not fat. After weight loss running in this period will allow you to keep fit even with a sweet tooth.


Each type of run has its own characteristics and can be used for weight loss in various zones. In addition, various techniques allow you to work on individual muscle groups and organs. Run all rules will provide health and energy for a long time.


The concept of "Jogging" was introduced by runner Arthur Lydiard De in 1961. This kind of is ideal for weight loss and requires no special training. During this class develops speed up to 8 km per hour. All the essence of the technique lies in the short-term separation of the body from the ground. When one leg is in the air, the second is necessarily on the surface of the earth. The falls landing on the whole foot, not just toe. In its execution is very similar to Jogging walking. The difference is only the time of the flight, when one leg is replaced by another.

Jogging allowed women and men at any age, with different size. Technique is completely safe and painless.

easy run


One of the types of health-enhancing run — easy. On the world stage was more common the name "iere", which stands for walking in fast pace. Technique suitable fat, suffering from shortness of breath to people. Also a walk you can do to beginners or leading a sedentary lifestyle.

During it is minimal work, so the method cannot be regarded as running for weight loss. iere can be used in between the main races in the middle or fast pace and in off from exercise days.

The mountain

Running uphill will suit any area with a elevation: hill, mountain, steep. In the gym, you can configure the treadmill, changing the angle of inclination. Importantly, the area was not slippery or traumatic, and the air was cold and raw.

To include it in a weight loss program is recommended 1-2 times a week, always. In the process take part all muscle fibers, promoting the efficient burning of body fat. Uphill ideal for the correction of the thighs, calves and arms.

With acceleration

Interval running helps not only the endurance but also weight loss. To use the methods of acceleration in their training can not only professional athletes but also beginners. The essence of the technique is the alternating speed: one segment needs to run at a slow pace, the second in as fast as possible.

The power consumption during the execution of exercises increases twice. More calories are burned, so weight loss is faster than normal. Technique is suitable for the correction and eliminate the extra inches in any areas, and also has a positive effect on the overall tone of the body. Practice your sprints should be no more than 1-2 times a week.

At 5 km

Daily running 5 km, man spends 2 to 2.5 thousand calories. It is important to maintain the same speed and not go the distance. In periods of extreme fatigue, you can go for a quick walk, and then go back to the run. The technique is suitable for those who suffers overweight and has free time. On average training takes about 1-1.5 hours.

At home

If you can not visit the Park or stadium, you can always equip a place for home runs. For these purposes, you can use a treadmill, jump rope or just walk in place. It is important not to be lazy and follow a given program. To avoid damage of the joints and spine, be sure to wear special shoes and uniform.

The optimal workout to burn fat in 1 hour. During this time man runs in place for about 8 km With a small initial weight, it is recommended to use the weights: elbow pads, knee pads with filler.

a home run

Differences for men and women

Running exercise have a positive impact on men's health. This kind of physical exercise contributes to the development of the muscular system, increase stamina and improve the potency. Women due run can eliminate excess weight to regulate hormones and normalize metabolic processes. The skin is saturated with oxygen, becomes healthy and radiant appearance, and the body becomes fit and supple.


Clothing and footwear for running, first and foremost, should be comfortable, light, elastic and pleasant to the body material. Ergonomic soles of running shoes promotes a uniform distribution of weight and relieves stress on the joints. Also the form needs to fit the season. In the winter you will need a warm tracksuit and in summer it is sufficient to prepare for training leggings or shorts with a t-shirt.

In order to shift the result from running into problem areas, resorting to the "greenhouse effect". For this purpose, synthetic fabrics are not breathable. However, this is only a myth, which is fraught with negative consequences for health. Any accessories for weight loss while running are just a marketing ploy and lead to a sharp increase in body temperature. Consequences include problems with the cardiovascular system, kidney, violation of water-salt balance and swelling.

Running, jump rope or walking: which is better?

For best results, weight loss should be comprehensive, so it will suit absolutely any exercises that contribute to the destruction of the excess weight. However, if the choice is between walking, running, and skipping rope, it is better to give preference to regular currit in the fresh air.

Cross-country training, in addition to its directional, have huge health benefits overall. Also dropped pounds, you can strengthen the immune system, heart, blood vessels and improve the skin condition.

Walking is a natural process, so no muscle load he carries. Use it for weight loss only if held on the day a great distance. Not everyone has to do this, an amount of free time. The optimal variant of application of the walk — an intermediate load or a training item.

jumping rope

Training with a skipping rope are also not the main method of weight loss. Monotonous exercise affects a small group of muscles and is addictive to the loads. Jumping rope is only as part of basic training.

Weight loss through running allow you to gain not only a beautiful figure, but also good health. Daily moderate exercise is a powerful pacemaker and cure stress, depression. In the process of fat burning improves mood and self-confidence. Exercise can be a great opportunity for setting new goals and making acquaintances. The main thing is to get rid of laziness and make the first step to change their appearance!