Diet for weight loss belly and sides a list of products, menus for the week

What makes the figure beautiful and attractive? Modern canons of beauty says that figure needs to be proportionate, taut, no-nonsense – whether it's thinness, or massive forms.

diet for weight loss

The stomach as a form of reflection of the person's lifestyle

In the center of the body, belly, the word is synonymous with the words "live", "life". Indeed, the appearance of the abdomen is a reflection of the moral and energy state of each person.

Flat tight stomach is inherent in the people motivated, positive, organized, respecting your body and take care of his health. If the abdomen is pendulous, covered with excess fat, such a person we perceive as weak, passive in their lives and actions, going on about their inner animal instincts.

All the processes in our life are interrelated, so in order to get a beautiful flat tummy, you must first change your way of life, thinking and actions.

Causes of wrinkles on the abdomen and flanks

  • subcutaneous fat: is formed by the accumulation of excess weight. Fatty folds in the stomach are peculiar to people with type shape "Apple" for whom the abdomen, the waist and sides are problem areas. The only effective way of getting rid of subcutaneous fat is the right, healthy food;
  • visceral fat on the internal organs: it is extremely dangerous for health is invisible to the eye, this fat is stored around vital organs, provoking the development of such serious diseases as hypertension, type II diabetes, Oncology. To get rid of this fat is difficult but possible: you should adjust the diet, completely eliminating from the diet of harmful products;
  • saggy skin fold: occurs in people without excess weight due to sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet (fast snacking, frequent consumption of fast food), as well as violations of posture. Slouching causes the stomach protrudes forward, in this case, helpers will be strengthening exercises for all muscles of the upper body, back and abdominal;
  • disrupted digestion: the main organs of digestion – stomach and bowel located in the abdomen. If digestion is disturbed, You suffer from heartburn, bloating and heavy stomach looks bloated, inflamed. You need to determine the cause of such a disturbance: to undergo the necessary medical examinations, obtain the recommendation of a gastroenterologist. Here, the first item in the list of assignments will be proper nutrition.

So, to make the stomach fit and slim – first need to normalize your diet: mix of healthy food, the total daily calorie intake of food.

It is important to remember that surgical weight loss (e.g., stomach or buttocks) is impossible; and if You want to get tight tummy without fat – you need to get rid of excess weight from the entire body.

Proper diet: a list of useful and harmful products

Consider the main categories of products, select the most useful and identify the most harmful:

  • Meat products: stop your choice on white chicken meat, low-fat varieties of beef, eliminate all canned meats, sausages, sausages;
  • Fish and seafood: are useful sources of protein and healthy fats, in addition, regular consumption of fish products will help to eliminate the lack of iodine in the body;
  • Vegetables and herbs have become part of the daily diet, but care should be taken to refer to beans such as potatoes, peas, beans – as with the increased consumption of they can also cause excess body fat;
  • Fruits and berries provide the body with the basic set of vitamins and mineral acids, but do not abuse them, the weight should be excluded bananas, grapes, sweet pears;
  • Eggs are sources of complete proteins and healthy fats, eliminating them from the diet should not, however, eat better boiled or baked without fat;
  • Oil – very high in calories, but to completely eliminate them is impossible. The most useful types of oils are considered olive, flax, sesame, and coconut;
  • Dairy products – a useful providers of proteins, carbohydrates. Choose low-fat varieties of natural cheese, yoghurt, fermented milk drink (fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt) – they maintain intestinal flora, thereby providing a beneficial effect on the immune system. Discard so popular today, curds, yogurt, brown sugar – jams, chocolate balls, health benefits they will bring, but increased blood sugar and excess empty calories will provide exactly;
  • Cereals are a useful source of energy, contain slow carbohydrates, which are gradually entering the blood, will provide the body with energy, giving satiety and power for a few hours. Choose minimally cleaned, whole grains such as buckwheat, oats, barley, corn, brown or wild rice. Do not eat white refined rice, and various cereal: they are almost out of minerals, vitamins and fiber so good for the intestines, which are contained mainly in the shell of the grains;
  • Flour and flour products: for weight loss you should eliminate flour from your diet; for those who are accustomed to the bread, it is recommended to use products made from whole wheat flour, these products will give satiety and long energy;
  • Sweets and pastries are the worst enemies of a flat stomach: in addition to the high sugar content in these hidden no less harmful TRANS-fats, which, having a melting point higher than human body temperature, can be deposited on the walls of blood vessels, causing the development of coronary heart disease, thrombosis, obesity, and cannot be used ever. Chocolate lovers can replace such products are useful sweets (in very moderate quantities, and in the first half of the day) – dried fruit, dried berries, sunflower seeds, cooked on their own, cottage cheese products, natural sweeteners (stevia);
  • Nuts and dried fruits should not be completely excluded from the diet because of their high caloric content. Nuts contain healthy fats, proteins, minerals, promoting healthy growth and good hair and nails, but because of the large amounts of fat should be consumed very moderately. Dried fruit (especially apricots and prunes) are the great helpers of the intestine, promote regular cleanse;
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks should be completely excluded from use: in addition to a large percentage of sugar content and harmful effects on the body, alcohol often causes increased appetite and reduces the feeling of self-control when choosing snacks. Packaged juices and various sweet aerated waters contain large amounts of sugar that is immediately absorbed by the body, it is better to replace them with mineral water, herbal teas.
proper nutrition

Smaller meals for slim belly

If You used to eat rare, but very large portions, You probably know the feeling of overcrowding stomach, lethargy, fatigue – in fact all the energy guides the body to digest food.

The best option for You will be a frequent, fractional 6 meals a day: if you eat every 2.5 — 3 hours with modest portions that hunger will not haunt You, and strength and lightness increase.

In addition, the size of the stomach reduced, thereby reducing the volume of the stomach.

Sample menu diet for a week

Consider the basic principles of menu for the day:

1. First Breakfast: choose slow carbs and protein + fruit;

2. Second Breakfast: the same, slow carbs and protein + fruit;

3. Lunch: proteins, slow carbohydrates, with the predominance of fiber;

4. Snack: healthy fats and slow carbs;

5. Dinner: protein and slow carbs;

6. Snack before bed: drink milk / unsweetened fruit.

Menus for weight loss belly for a week might look like this:


  1. 150 g. porridge made from whole oats, 15 g of flax seed, 2 apricot;
  2. 170g. natural 2% yogurt, Apple, coffee;
  3. cabbage-carrot salad with 10 g of olive oil, 110 g of buckwheat, 3 chicken cutlets;
  4. medium tomato, 35g. 17% cheese, 30 g corn bread, mint tea;
  5. 210 g of chicken casseroles with 3 tsp 15% sour cream, 2 whole grain bread;
  6. 200 g of 2.5% kefir.


  1. 145 g. of oatmeal with cherries, a glass of 2,5% milk;
  2. 125 g low-fat yogurt, 2 oat biscuits, coffee;
  3. 130 g salad of grated beetroot, 100 g stewed chicken, 95 wild rice;
  4. 140 G. 2% of soft cottage cheese with cinnamon, orange, ginger tea;
  5. 210 g of carrot salad and cottage cheese, 30 g corn bread, tea with lemon;
  6. tomato, 130 g. 0% cottage cheese.


  1. 5 cottage cheese pancakes with oatmeal and strawberries, and coffee;
  2. 100 g of 1% cottage cheese, half a grapefruit, tea
  3. 100 g boiled cauliflower, 70 g of corn porridge, 100 g of chicken cutlets, herbal tea;
  4. 30 g bread, whole wheat with cucumber slices and lettuce, Mandarin orange, tea;
  5. 160 g of warm salad of green vegetables and beans, 75 g of cottage cheese with currants, chamomile tea;
  6. half a grapefruit, a glass of milk.


  1. 2 boiled eggs, 4 grain bread, coffee;
  2. sandwich of 60 grain bread with leaves of Chinese cabbage, slices of sweet pepper and tomato, green tea;
  3. 100 g. boiled green beans, 80 g. of boiled buckwheat, 110 g boiled salmon, a glass of mineral water;
  4. 2 plums 150 g. with 4% cottage cheese;
  5. 45 city of rye pita bread, 160 g cheese and berry casseroles, tea with lemon balm;
  6. 250g. 1% buttermilk.


  1. 1 poached egg, slice of grain bread, 2 florets of boiled broccoli, coffee;
  2. 3 cookies from a single piece of oatmeal with sesame seeds, green tea;
  3. 200 g of vegetable salad, fish cakes;
  4. 10 cashew nuts, Apple;
  5. cabbage salad, boiled chicken liver, herbal tea;
  6. a glass of 1% yogurt with 1 tbsp powdered fiber.

Saturday / Sunday

  1. 5 cottage cheese pancakes oatmeal with 3 tsp of honey, 5 PCs. prunes, coffee;
  2. 1 boiled egg, cucumber or tomato, dill;
  3. 100 g lettuce iceberg, celery, 100 g of roast beef, 100 g barley porridge;
  4. Jelly 210 g. of 2% cottage cheese with blueberries, tea with lemon;
  5. omelette with green beans, a slice of salted salmon, 1 tbsp 4% yogurt, tea with lemon balm;
  6. a glass of 1% kefir.
menu for the week

So, a well-known statement, "Man is what he eats" can be rephrased as: "beautiful belly is created in the kitchen." Eat right, fractional, plan every meal and very soon You will feel lightness, increased energy and health, and the reflection in the mirror and your body You will be pleased with.